Pantano's Soprassata
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One of the world's secret delicacies, Soprassata | Sopressata has been an Italian mainstay for countless generations.

Depending on Italian geography, other traditional spellings include Soppressata, Sopressata or Soppresata, although it also appears as Sopresatta, Soppresatta, Sopresata, Sopressatta, Soppressatta, Soprasatta, or Soprasata. In Northeastern Pennsylvania, this sausage is pronounced and spelled as Supersata, and is often abbreviated as Super.

In Italy, Soprassata will vary greatly as you head north. When you reach Tuscany, it is an entirely different product, similar to head cheese, made from scrap pork products like tongue, ear, and other even less appetizing parts. Our Pantano family premium Soprassata is based on the southern Italian traditional style, Sicilian or Calabrese. It is made only from choice cuts of pork and premium spices, before being ground into sausage, stuffed in casings, smoked, and cured for several months. Highly coveted by Pennsylvania locals, the passion for this unique salametti crossed ethnic boundaries long ago, and our Pantano Soprassata is regularly praised as the best that people have ever tasted.

Testimonial: "An expert blend of spices, quality meat and true pride in their product sets this Soprassata aside. The texture and flavor is magnificent!" - Dennis O'Grady, Pennsylvania.

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