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Since reviving this family tradition over 20 years ago, local aficionados have praised our Soprassata's consistent taste and texture, while urging us to make it available commercially.

Our soprassata is made from lean pork butts and premium natural casings - not synthetic skins. We cold-smoke the sausage using only fruit wood and most importantly, we use a long, controlled curing process, just like they did in Italy before the days of refrigeration.

We take no shortcuts, like accelerated oven-curing, or nitrates & sulfates to pollute the flavor. For these reasons, we have received many praises, including some local aficionados stating that ours is the best they have ever tasted. Year after year we sell out our complete stock at a premium price.

Because of this, to keep the product authentic and make it available in quantities to support a viable business requires an initial investment to cover start up costs. We have researched this down to the type of building and production staff needed, as well as the cost of necessary USDA testing and approval cycles.

We have covered this coveted product very well on the Internet, giving us a tremendous edge from a marketing and distribution stand point. In fact, the table represents our site's search engine rankings featuring the top 3 traditional spellings, and we own the dot-com addresses of the first two listed in the table.

Serach Engine Soprassata Soppresata Sopressata
AOL Search 1 1 13
Ask 1 1 9
Google 1 1 13
MS Live Search 1 1 3
Lycos 1 1 9
Yahoo 1 1 9
Organic Page Rankings (April 2008)

If interested in a start-up featuring a deliciously unique product with untapped mass market potential, contact us, and let's discuss Affari di la Famiglia

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